CPA Approval

How to get your CPA Approval easily

Hello and welcome. Thanks for checking out my CPA Approval guide website. On this blog I want to get into every aspect of applying to CPA networks to get a guaranteed approval within a few days. Take a look around for various tips on how to design your webpage and what to say during the often-dreaded phone call. If you want to start making money promoting CPA offers right away take a look at our list of CPA networks that don’t require a phone call. You can apply to them right away and start promoting their offers the next day. If you have any questions regarding your CPA approval feel free to use the contact page.

CPA Approval

CPA Approval Basics – The Website

One of the main requirements that most CPA networks will ask from you is your own website. If you can show them a nicely done landing page your CPA approval is almost guaranteed. In this article I want to show you how to make your page stand out and how to design it so you will have a much higher chance of getting approved. One word of warning before we start: Never ever submit a site you don’t own. CPA networks will find out very quickly if a site is yours or not. And if they catch you cheatin right at the first stage of application then you can say goodbye to future CPA profits.
It’s best to have your own site on your own server and your own domain. If you’re absolutely low on cash you can start a blog on Blogger or but I recommend you switch to your own site as soon as possible. Your own site shows that you are serious with your marketing plans.
Another thing you should do before you submit your site to any CPA network is to put ads on it. You need to show that you are already making money in your niche, that you are an experienced marketer. Please stay away from AdSense. Most affiliate managers don’t like this. Since you probably don’t have access to any CPA network yet you best get an account for an affiliate network that doesn’t require a big application and approves you immediately. I recommend ClickBank and CommissionJunction for this. Find some products in your niche and place a few banner ads on your application site. As soon as you get approved to your first CPA network switch out the advertisements. Already having another network in your portfolio as a reference is a good indicator for affiliate managers who check out your website.

Of course you will need some content on your site as well. You can write it yourself or you can get someone to write it for you. Please don’t scrape content from other sites. CPA networks will notice and you could get into trouble. You can however sprinkle some articles from article directories throughout your site. Please stay away from gambling sites. In my experience it’s hard to get approved for them. Except you want to advertise gambling products of course.

Another thing you can do to make your site even more attractive to CPA networks is to put a box for lead capture on it. Most networks like their affiliates to do email marketing as part of their campaigns. It will be a huge bonus in your application if you can show on your website that you are collecting email addresses and building your list.

Please take your time setting up your application website, writing good content and getting everything ready for the review. The better you prepare for your application the higher your chance of getting approved at your first application.

For more tips on how to get approved by any CPA network check out our CPA Approval Guide.

CPA Marketing

1st Class CPA Plans On Prosecuting Fraudulent Affiliates

Just found some intersting tidbit from the CPA marketing arena. 1st Class CPA just announced that they plan to take serious action about fraudulent affiliates. On the Warrior Forum they wrote:

Any and all affiliates who are caught knowingly sending fraudulent leads will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
If there’s one thing I hate more than spending money on useless stuff, it’s practically burning said money paying out fraud. It keeps me awake at night and pisses me off to no end. Any fraudsters who are caught trying to steal from us and our advertisers — the very same ones that keep both us and our hard-working, honest publishers employed — well, we’ll take you to court. And we’ll see it through to the end. You can count on that!

Of course you should never ever try to scam any affiliate network or cheat by providing fraudulent leads. But this process starts much earlier, even before you managed to get your first lead. As I wrote in the first part of my approval guide you should never lie to your affiliate managers. This starts right when you are applying as a publisher. If you lie to your network they will find out. The amount of fraud every single CPA network has to deal with every day is mind-blowing. The initial phone call everyone is so afraid of is just to weed out the fraudsters. Get your head around that and be as honest about your business and your promotional plans as possible. If you don’t have much experience with CPA marketing tell them. They will even help you with your campaigns. Remember: They want you to make as much money as possible.

CPA Approval

The Application Process For CPA Networks

Applying for a CPA is similar with almost every network. When you get to a network’s homepage find the button to sign up or register as an affiliate or a publisher. Some CPA networks also offer the possibility to sign up as an advertiser. That’s only necessary if you have an offer yourself and you want to pay the CPA network to provide you with leads. As a regular affiliate (which I assume you want to become) you need to sign up as a publisher.

Neverblue Home Page

When you decide to sign up for one of the networks you need to fill out lots of forms. You will have to give them a valid name, postal and email address. If you own a domain you better use an email address associated with it. This usually is free. For example, if your domain is, then set up your email as or This instantly shows you own the site and gives you credibility. Everybody can register a Gmail or a Hotmail address. An email account at your own domain shows how serious you take your own business.

In most cases CPA networks want to see a website of yours. If you have one: Great!. If you already are running ads on there: Even better! It all boils down to show that you have experience in internet marketing. Presenting a website that already is making money will boost your credibility immensely. In the application form simply state everything you can do to drive traffic to the CPA offers you plan on promoting. Affiliate managers love it if you have an email list, for example. The bigger the better. If you know how to drive traffic with PPC or PPV methods tell them and include how much money you are spending with them per day.

Please never try to cheat your way into a network by claiming a website you don’t own. The affiliate managers will find out everything. If you don’t spend thousands of dollars on traffic then don’t say so. In my experience affiliate managers don’t have a problem with letting newbies into their networks. They just don’t want scammers and liars.

When you have filled in all your details an affiliate manager will call you within the next few days. In the next posts I will tell you how to prepare for that CPA approval call. Plus I will teach you some strategies to make the call as easy as possible and maybe skip it completely.

Do you have a specific question on how to get into a certain network? Please don’t hesitate to post a question in the comments. I will try to help you as best I can.

CPA Approval

How to get your CPA Approval

Getting accepted into a CPA network isn’t as hard as it sounds. Of course it requires a bit more effort than, say, creating a Facebook account. But if you know what you’re doing then you will get your CPA approval for any network you desire. First, we should establish what CPA networks are, why it’s so desirable to get accepted by them and why it’s not that easy.

CPA stands for (C)ost (P)er (A)ction. It’s a term for affiliate networks that don’t work like ClickBank or Amazon, for example. Instead of getting paid when your costomers buy something, you will get paid when they perform a certain action. In some cases this can be submitting their email address, filling out a form or filling out a survey. The cool thing about CPA marketing is that your customers don’t need to get out their credit cards and buy something. If you get them to do a certain action you’ve already won. It certainly is easier to get people to fill out a form than it is to get them to purchase something. Of course commissions for a simple email address aren’t as high as commission for a $2000 info product. Mostly you’ll get paid $1,50 per lead. But given that it’s so much easier and you can get hundreds or even thousands of leads per day you’ll earn decent money in no time.

Since it’s that easy to generate a lead many CPA networks are subjected to fraud. Oftentimes affiliates pay someone overseas to fill out forms with fake email addresses to generate as much money as they can. Apart from being illegal this is not a sustainable way to earn money. Affiliate managers will catch you in your first week of doing that. They will keep all your earned commission and throw you out of their network. Fraud is also the reason why you can’t just register for a CPA network. Affiliate managers want to know who they’re dealing with. They want to know if you are being an honest white-hat marketer and what your experience level is regarding lead generation.

When I applied to my first CPA network I had about two years experience as an internet marketer. I made some affiliate commissions via Clickbank but the money was barely enough to cover my marketing costs. CPA seemed like the right choice. I was a bit nervous when I found out that the networks are calling you to verify your identity and check your marketing experience. After a bit of research I found out what CPA companies were looking for. From the very first call (I was super nervous) I succeeded and was accepted immediately. Since then every application to various CPA networks has been a breeze.

I have created this blog to help others get accepted to CPA networks as well. I see so many people on different forums asking the same questions over and over: How do I apply to a CPA network? Do I need a website? What do I have to say when they call me? In the next posts I want to cover everything ¬†you need to know to start marketing CPA offers within the next week. I will tell you all my secrets, show you my websites and I will get you into these networks. We’ll get started in the next post.