1st Class CPA Plans On Prosecuting Fraudulent Affiliates

Just found some intersting tidbit from the CPA marketing arena. 1st Class CPA just announced that they plan to take serious action about fraudulent affiliates. On the Warrior Forum they wrote:

Any and all affiliates who are caught knowingly sending fraudulent leads will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
If there’s one thing I hate more than spending money on useless stuff, it’s practically burning said money paying out fraud. It keeps me awake at night and pisses me off to no end. Any fraudsters who are caught trying to steal from us and our advertisers — the very same ones that keep both us and our hard-working, honest publishers employed — well, we’ll take you to court. And we’ll see it through to the end. You can count on that!

Of course you should never ever try to scam any affiliate network or cheat by providing fraudulent leads. But this process starts much earlier, even before you managed to get your first lead. As I wrote in the first part of my approval guide you should never lie to your affiliate managers. This starts right when you are applying as a publisher. If you lie to your network they will find out. The amount of fraud every single CPA network has to deal with every day is mind-blowing. The initial phone call everyone is so afraid of is just to weed out the fraudsters. Get your head around that and be as honest about your business and your promotional plans as possible. If you don’t have much experience with CPA marketing tell them. They will even help you with your campaigns. Remember: They want you to make as much money as possible.