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I have a solution to all your problems. I compiled a list of all CPA Networks that don’t require any phone interview whatsoever. You simply fill out a web form and a few hours later you get accepted. It’s that easy. You could start promoting CPA offers in a matter of hours.


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In my eBook I reveal all of the secrets I used consistently, and still use to this day, to get CPA accounts for individuals in different situations.


1. Individuals living in the United States

People who are new to internet marketing or are simply a little afraid of getting on the phone with an affiliate manager can folow this step by step guide that I have laid out to get a CPA account in a mere 24 hours if you work fast.


2. Individuals Living Abroad

Sometimes CPA networks are hesitant to take in affiliates from non-US countries. My eBook lists seven killer secrets for making yourself look like a super affiliate who makes thousands a day with other CPA networks and runs a massive company. These secrets can be applied within hours and make it impossible for any network to deny you.


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With most CPA networks you will get paid $1,50 for a simple email submit. That means: If you only get five leads in your time as a CPA marketer you will already have paid for this handy little guide.




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