The Application Process For CPA Networks

Applying for a CPA is similar with almost every network. When you get to a network’s homepage find the button to sign up or register as an affiliate or a publisher. Some CPA networks also offer the possibility to sign up as an advertiser. That’s only necessary if you have an offer yourself and you want to pay the CPA network to provide you with leads. As a regular affiliate (which I assume you want to become) you need to sign up as a publisher.

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When you decide to sign up for one of the networks you need to fill out lots of forms. You will have to give them a valid name, postal and email address. If you own a domain you better use an email address associated with it. This usually is free. For example, if your domain is, then set up your email as or This instantly shows you own the site and gives you credibility. Everybody can register a Gmail or a Hotmail address. An email account at your own domain shows how serious you take your own business.

In most cases CPA networks want to see a website of yours. If you have one: Great!. If you already are running ads on there: Even better! It all boils down to show that you have experience in internet marketing. Presenting a website that already is making money will boost your credibility immensely. In the application form simply state everything you can do to drive traffic to the CPA offers you plan on promoting. Affiliate managers love it if you have an email list, for example. The bigger the better. If you know how to drive traffic with PPC or PPV methods tell them and include how much money you are spending with them per day.

Please never try to cheat your way into a network by claiming a website you don’t own. The affiliate managers will find out everything. If you don’t spend thousands of dollars on traffic then don’t say so. In my experience affiliate managers don’t have a problem with letting newbies into their networks. They just don’t want scammers and liars.

When you have filled in all your details an affiliate manager will call you within the next few days. In the next posts I will tell you how to prepare for that CPA approval call. Plus I will teach you some strategies to make the call as easy as possible and maybe skip it completely.

Do you have a specific question on how to get into a certain network? Please don’t hesitate to post a question in the comments. I will try to help you as best I can.