CPA Approval Basics – The Website

One of the main requirements that most CPA networks will ask from you is your own website. If you can show them a nicely done landing page your CPA approval is almost guaranteed. In this article I want to show you how to make your page stand out and how to design it so you will have a much higher chance of getting approved. One word of warning before we start: Never ever submit a site you don’t own. CPA networks will find out very quickly if a site is yours or not. And if they catch you cheatin right at the first stage of application then you can say goodbye to future CPA profits.
It’s best to have your own site on your own server and your own domain. If you’re absolutely low on cash you can start a blog on Blogger or but I recommend you switch to your own site as soon as possible. Your own site shows that you are serious with your marketing plans.
Another thing you should do before you submit your site to any CPA network is to put ads on it. You need to show that you are already making money in your niche, that you are an experienced marketer. Please stay away from AdSense. Most affiliate managers don’t like this. Since you probably don’t have access to any CPA network yet you best get an account for an affiliate network that doesn’t require a big application and approves you immediately. I recommend ClickBank and CommissionJunction for this. Find some products in your niche and place a few banner ads on your application site. As soon as you get approved to your first CPA network switch out the advertisements. Already having another network in your portfolio as a reference is a good indicator for affiliate managers who check out your website.

Of course you will need some content on your site as well. You can write it yourself or you can get someone to write it for you. Please don’t scrape content from other sites. CPA networks will notice and you could get into trouble. You can however sprinkle some articles from article directories throughout your site. Please stay away from gambling sites. In my experience it’s hard to get approved for them. Except you want to advertise gambling products of course.

Another thing you can do to make your site even more attractive to CPA networks is to put a box for lead capture on it. Most networks like their affiliates to do email marketing as part of their campaigns. It will be a huge bonus in your application if you can show on your website that you are collecting email addresses and building your list.

Please take your time setting up your application website, writing good content and getting everything ready for the review. The better you prepare for your application the higher your chance of getting approved at your first application.

For more tips on how to get approved by any CPA network check out our CPA Approval Guide.